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Fuji X-PRO1 autofocus tips


The Fuji X-PRO1 is a great camera, delivers superb picture quality, don’t weigh a ton, and looks good too. In my opinion Fuji makes the best looking cameras on the market today.

But all is not perfect. Autofocus and general response of the camera is not the best. lets just say this, Fuji should concentrate on speed, speed and speed. They got all the other stuff sorted allready..

XF60mm f/2.4

XF60mm f/2.4

Setting the camera to manual focus, then using the “AE-L AF-L” button to focus. Yes you get autofocus even if the camera is set on manual focus, a neat feature and I find it very useful sometimes. That way you can lock the focus with the “AE-L AF-L” button and use the shutter release to take the picture. Doing it this way, will prevent the camera to rack the lens back and forth between shots ( very annoying ) so you hold the “AE-L AF-L” button and fire away with the shutter release, try it, maybe you will find it useful too 🙂

Also increasing the size of the autofocus area, can make it easier to acquire focus.